We at RABC do our jobs the old-fashioned way. We build our community ourselves, one project at a time. This gives you room to do your part if you share in our commitment, care, values and resolve. Together we can exceed our expectations in achieving so many of our goals.
Our combined expertise in doing business with companies and agencies in Romania and the United States amounts to over 300 years of unparalleled success in fields and industries such as Defense, Homeland Security, Government Affairs, Healthcare, Environment, Infrastructure, Capital Markets, International Law, Business Development, Marketing, Public Relations and much more.
Our personalized service is what makes RABC unique among NGOs, government affairs firms and private consulting companies in the US and the world. Our team will provide your business and community with the level of attention, effective advocacy and access to key decision makers, timely information and desired outcomes far beyond what you can expect from others in this field.
Today, the demanding yet thriving US economy remains the global leader. This makes it necessary to find the right partner to guide your venture, effort and investment through some of the most volatile times in modern history.
Lastly, we believe that Romania needs to claim and secure its rightful place in history.This great nation, blessed with much beauty, resourcefulness and brilliant people, deserves a better future. And that bright and promising future is within our sights and reach.
The Romanian American Business Council – RABC - was created as a direct result of a strong, viable and imperative need to represent the Romanian-American Business community accurately in the US, Romania and beyond. We represent the core values of the Romanian Diaspora in the United States, from the business community to those devoted to education, culture, healthcare, arts, politics and so much more.

RABC was created as a result of the imperative need to accurately represent the spectrum of Romanian values.

"The Romanian American Business Council – RABC has assumed the mission of raising the keystones of our society to the highest level and proudly displaying our heritage and accomplishment. We are committed to following the practice of upholding Romania’s relationship with the United States of America by capitalizing on the mutual trust and camaraderie that the two nations have built over a century and a half.

It is this dedication to proudly preserving the traditions of Romanian culture while wholeheartedly being integrated in American society that sets us apart from other members of the Romanian Diaspora in the United States.

Our members combine more than 300 years of exemplary expertise in conducting business with Romania and the United States in key industries such as Defense, Homeland Security, Government Affairs, IT, Healthcare, Environment, Infrastructure, Capital Markets, International Law, Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations. Read more »

RABC invites you to attend BestInvest Healthcare Forum - Bucharest, 2019

BestInvest Healthcare Forum - Bucharest, 2019

Please join as and over one hundred physicians and leaders of hospitals, clinics and medical institutions from the United States and Romania for a two-day conference of unprecedented goals and commitments. Among our keynote speakers and participants are US and Romanian Hospital leaders and Physicians from the top medical school, Deans and Rectors, hospitals managers and administrators from both countries, important pharma companies and medical equipment manufacturers and others.
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RABC Relaunches the American Hospital Project for Romania

RABC Relaunches the American Hospital Project for Romania

The long-awaited project for the Minovici Medical Center in Romania is gaining momentum once more, under the auspices of the Romanian-American Business Council. Designed as a world-class American facility in Romania, this project is focusing on the outpatient care for chronic disease treatment as well as for preventing critical diseases in Romania.
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Visa Waiver Program

Visa Waiver Initiative

We have a great opportunity to include Romania in the Visa Waiver Program in next year’s Congress. It’s more important than ever to speak up in order to make sure your representatives know this is important to you. Fortunately, it’s quite simple and should not take more than 10 minutes of your time. Let’s act together and make this decades-old dream a reality!
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The RABC Sustainable Development Goals Initiative

The RABC Sustainable Development Goals Initiative

"Brilliant Minds – Wonderful Souls"
The RABC Synergistic Initiatives for Humanity – Achieving the UN Sustainable Developments Goals

Initiative 1: Create the "World Institute of Innovation for Sustainable Developments", a virtual institute for all the nations that resonate with innovation and want to address the most important challenges humanity is facing. "Let's revolutionize the innovation!"

Initiative 2: Create the "Minds for Humanity", an online community of brilliant minds from all nations who share innovative ideas in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. "Never waste a single mind !"

Initiative 3: Create the "World Healing Projects", a platform to generate and coordinate the most needed healing projects on the planet in compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals. "Humanity should never be lost!"

ProRomania Program

ProRomania Program

RABC launches the ProRomania Program which is dedicated to noble causes such as Environmental Protection, Healthcare and Education. Crafted especially for the most critical national needs and priorities of the people of Romania, ProRomania is designed to work in tandem and collaboration with local NGOs as well as with the government in Bucharest and throughout the European Union.
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Romania at a Glance
Romania at a glance

Romania is a Romance language-speaking nation located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula and the western shores ...
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World News

Please join us for a historical event as we look thrillingly to the next twenty years of unprecedented...
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Bilateral Relations

According to Romanian trade statistics, the volume of trade between Romania and the United...
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"Romania's economic recovery will outperform most regional peers and move onto a firmer footing over...
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